Countdown to the 2020 Season

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Parent/Player meeting is postponed
Author: Bengal Softball
The parent/player meeting has been postponed until further notice as we work-thru the COVID-19 pandemic.  Stay safe, and let's all hope for a quick solution so that we can get back out there between the white lines.
The Blaine Softball Team Shop is open again! It will remain open until 3/19
Author: Bengal Softball
The  Blaine Softball Team Shop is open again!  It will remain open until 3/19.   Find items that Coach Butkus picked out specifically for our team. There is also spirit-wear available for your family and friends. https://www.b
2020 Tryout Announcement
Author: Bengal Softball
Tryouts for the 2020 softball season, being held March 9 - 13th, will be for high school students only.  After tryout week, we will decide, based on our numbers, if we need 8th grade pitcher/catcher participation.  If so, those tryouts will
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