UW-Eau Claire Blugold Softball Clinics
8/30/2019 11:41 AM

The foundational philosophy of Blugold Softball, as well as Blugold Softball Camps, is “compete and win.” At UW-Eau Claire, softball players and coaches approach competing differently. If we are working to be the very best version of ourselves every single day, no one will care who gets the credit when we succeed. At the same time, being the best version of ourselves will raise the level of play of our teammates.

“WIN” is an acronym in the softball program that may be familiar to some: What’s Important Now. Using the “WIN” approach helps our players and coaches stay focused on the present and the process, not overwhelming ourselves with the outcome.

During Blugold Softball Camps, participants will be challenged by the physical components of the game of softball as well as mental, emotional, and leadership components. Camps are directed by the coaching staff, and current and former players. Camper-to-coach ratio is kept very low due to the detailed nature of teaching the components of the game. It is our hope that participants will leave camp with increased knowledge, after enjoying the quick-paced, interactive, and competitive drills and situations presented.

Fall Elite Prospect Camp

Grades 9-12 | September 15, 2019

This camp is designed for those high school-aged players who have the desire to play college softball. In this skills and competition based camp, players will participate in a practice-type workout consisting of drills and instruction in the morning, and then will scrimmage in the afternoon. Live pitching, hitting, and situations will be used during the scrimmages.

Camp will be held at UW-Eau Claire's Bollinger Recreation Complex (901 W MacArthur Ave, Eau Claire, WI).

For more info, and registration, please follow this link:

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